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If you wish to:
- Brush up or improve your knowledge of the English language
- Get a job, but need a language certificate
- Be certain of high quality of teaching and curriculum
- Be certain that your teacher is experienced and qualified
- Learn from, or teach according to the latest original textbooks
- Use the latest dictionaries, grammar books, literary works, audio and
  video material, CD-ROMs
- Give your child a chance to learn English easily through play
  Oxford Centar offers a unique opportunity to find everything that you need for learning and teaching English – at one place.
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Oxford Centar’s twentieth anniversary
Welcome to Oxford Centar!
Dedicated to maintaining a high level of quality of services, Oxford Centar continuously follows not only global trends in English language teaching (ELT), but also market trends concerning ELT material.
Oxford Centar as ELT School Centre and ELT Bookshop Centre was founded in 1991 by a team of experts in this field.
Introducing textbooks published by renowned British publishers to Serbian market and organizing a series of specialized seminars throughout Serbia and Montenegro, Oxford Centar played a crucial role in the promotion and further development of English language teaching in our country.
Oxford Centar Bookshop provides a wide range of teaching material for a number of institutions in demand of English language courses. This selection is based on the quality analysis and course book applicability assessment as well as the adaptability assessment to a native Serbian speaker. This rich assortment of course books and programmes reaches its target market (English language teachers, schools, universities, students, English language schools attendees...) via a variety of promotional activities such as book fair presentations and seminars.
Oxford Centar School has established its curriculum according to the standards of British and European institutions dealing with ELT issues since 1996 when it officially became accredited to conduct ESL Oxford exams.
The advantage of our institution lies in its various and diversified courses as well as in a highly professional selection of the course books and the adequate, follow-up methodologies. As a result, upon the completion of our courses the candidates can be confident that the knowledge they acquired is in accordance with CEF requirements and standards i.e. with the Language Studies European Council Scale.


  Oxford Centar Belgrade:  
Bookshop: STARI GRAD - 53 Gospodar Jevremova; tel: +381 11 2631 947, +381 65 3283 673; NOVI BEOGRAD - 82 Arsenije Čarnojević Boulevard, Block 29; tel: +381 11 408 55 44; Email:
School: STARI GRAD - 27 Dobračina; tel: +381 11 2631 021, 2627 630, 2624 248; tel/fax: +381 11 2629 209; VRAČAR - 63 Mileševska; tel: +381 11 2447 136; NOVI BEOGRAD - 82 Arsenije Čarnojević Boulevard, Block 29; tel: +381 11 408 55 44; Email:
  Oxford Centar Niš:  
Bookshop: 2a Kralja Stefana Prvovenčanog; tel: +381 18 250 909, +381 66 551 4422; Email:
School: 1 Sinđelićev trg; tel: +381 18 512 000, +381 66 552 7650; Email: